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Lead Paint Inspections and Risk Assessments
Comprehensive Initial Inspections
RRP Assessments
Post Compliance Assessment Determination (PCAD)
Comprehensive Initial Inspections

Comprehensive Initial Inspections and Risk Assessments

A Comprehensive Initial Inspection is the most common type of inspection and is necessary if the ultimate goal is to achieve Lead Paint Compliance. A Comprehensive Initial Inspection consists of a full inspection of the interior of the unit and any common areas to that unit and the exterior. If no lead hazards are found at the initial inspection, a Letter of Initial Compliance is issued. If lead hazards are found during the initial inspection the next step to achieve lead compliance is to have the hazards corrected. We can help guide you through the lead abatement process.

Risk Assessments are used when a property owner wants to bring their property under Interim Controls. A Comprehensive Initial Inspection must be performed before a Risk Assessment can take place. Interim Controls are a program meant to buy the owner some time (maximum two years) to bring the property up to full deleading compliance while only correcting Urgent Lead Hazards. Only a licensed Risk Assessor can perform a Risk Assessment. Not all inspectors are Risk Assessors.

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